Inside Scoop Creamery- Charming like the "old days"

If you haven't been to Inside Scoop Creamery Downtown Littleton check it out!

When you walk in you feel like you went back in time to a 40's malt shop with modern touches. I will admit I was disappointed to not see the traditional silver stools at the bar like you see in all the photos at the old malt shops, but the ice cream was out of this world!

Inside Scoop serves over 20 flavors of ice cream. They also have Malts and Shakes. All their ice cream is made in house! Choose from a cup or a freshly made waffle cone.

Located at 5654 S Prince Street, its a convenient walk from all restaurants and shopping on Main Street.

Mosey on over!

Inside Scoop Creamery 720p

Uploaded by Chantal Gemperline on 2016-09-02.


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