Hot Pots- Fun for Kids and Adults!

Hot Pots Downtown Littleton 720p

Uploaded by Chantal Gemperline on 2016-09-08.

After you grab some ice cream at Inside Scoop walk on over to Hot Pots where hundreds of creations sit waiting for you to customize with color!

Hot Pots has shelves upon shelves of items to paint: mugs, plates, tiles, piggy banks (some banks not so piggy as you will see in the video), wine goblets, holiday décor and so much more!

Hot Pots is great place for a parent/child date night (or afternoon). It is always funny to bring a kid into the store and allow them to pick what they would like to paint! As you will see in the video my son found a hot dog "piggy bank" and insisted that was the we are now proud owners of just that...

Need a gift idea? How about handprints on a mug or tile? Collect them each year until their hand finally get to big....How about a soap dish for grandma or a jewelry box for mom! So many ideas. My kids love Hot Pots. Some great work I have received over the years you will also see in the video!

Hot Pots is located at 2570 W Main Street, Downtown Littleton



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