Giggleblossom Boutique- Downtown Littleton

The timing of this blog could not be more perfect!

Christmas is in exactly two weeks and I know there is a girl on your list you still need to buy a gift for. You will find it at Giggleblossom guaranteed!

Giggleblossom has in style women's and children's clothing at amazing prices. Just a few examples of what you can find: Jewelry for under $20, women’s sweaters around $40 and stocking stuffers for under $10!

The first time I walked into Giggleblossom I seriously wanted to reach out and snuggle with all the clothing I saw! The clothing is simple, stylish and cozy. Its fun to shop there because you know you’ll find something you love and not feel bad about spending money on yourself instead of the kids!

Giggleblossom in Downtown Littleton is one of two Giggleblossom boutiques. The first boutique was opened in Lakewood at the White Fence Farm, and featured children’s clothing designed by owner Stephanie Maines and hand painted children’s furniture from another vendor.

Other items you can find at Giggleblossom: Knitted hats, wallet/purses/bags, children’s clothing, shoes and jackets.
Enjoy the video and please drop by to cross off a few more ladies on your holiday list!

Giggleblossom Boutique Downtown Littleton 720p

A new women & children's boutique in Downtown Littleton.


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