Downtown Denver Aquarium- Family Nights!

Denver Downtown Aquarium-Highly suggested affordable outing with the kids
…for limited time!
(Don’t miss the video at the end of this blog- video of aquarium and the mermaids!)

Let’s be honest, the Downtown Aquarium is a pricey hangout for families unless you go often enough to make a yearly pass worth it. General Admission: $19.50/kids: $13.50/under 2 free. For me the aquarium has never had enough there to get me back again and again in the same year. When my kids were younger (under 5) it had a longer shelf life during visits because they would find even the local salmon cool and wondrous. But now with a 5 and a 9 year old we can walk through the aquarium in 20 minutes. My favorite exhibit believe it or not is the tiger! Yes, there is one tiger at the aquarium, beautiful animal!

BUT……last night, totally by accident I learned about Summer Family Nights at the Downtown Aquarium! $6 Kid exhibit entry, $2.99 kids meals, $12.99 adult exhibit entry, until Aug 11th Mon-Thurs 5-9pm. Plan to go for dinner, zero crowds, free parking after 6pm (may need restaurant validation). I had brought the kids to see Finding Dory in the morning and fish were on the brain, and the nagging request to go to the aquarium. Ugh $$$$ but I figured we really need to get out of the house and it is summer vacation after all!

With young kids and early bedtimes for many maybe this is not a good time of day to go to the aquarium but for me with a 5 and 9 yr old it was perfect. Dad was working late, I knew we were on our own for dinner so our plan worked perfect. We made dinner reservations for 6:30 which was recommended. We arrived before our reservation so we walked through the exhibit once, went to dinner, then after dinner walked through again a bit slower, the tiger was very active and the sharks are always a hit with the kids. It was the perfect amount of time and we were on our way home by 8:15pm. I will note the restaurant was practically empty when we were eating, dinner reservations may not be necessary, unless it gets you the tables closer to the tank! It’s not fancy dining, so kids can be themselves in the dining area, and the mermaid show is going on while you eat.
Another options is picnic dinner in the “park” area outside the aquarium where the 4D theatre is and the train.


Denver Aquarium Family Nights 720p

Uploaded by Chantal Gemperline on 2016-07-30.


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